A Distant Dream

“We should buy a boat!!!”

We have said this many a time over the last few years. A love of the coast and of the ocean….. just seems like the right thing to do. I guess we always thought it would be a power boat. It was something familiar and would be a way to navigate Australia’s beautiful coastline where we could fish, swim, surf and explore to our little heart’s content. A weekend hobby to provide some escape from our day jobs. Things change though… people change, priorities change, and I don’t really remember how it started but somehow (through many adventure driven spirals into the vast web) we discovered this other world. Sailing.

We saw these people. Self sufficient. Exploring. Using the wind to take their floating homes around the world. This different way of life that brought together so many things  we love. Oh my gosh!!  We were hooked.

We had no idea how to sail and were yet to realise the steep learning curve in front of us, but that was it. Our sights were set on a life shared between sand and sea.


Our jobs involve working predominately with the elderly. The number of times we are told…Do it while you are young, don’t wait like I did!I guess the message is finally starting to sink in. As much as we don’t like to think about it, we are growing up. We are at the age where it is all about career goals, babies and buying houses.

*cue minor panic attack*

As much as we love the beautiful part of the world we live in, that life is not yet for us. The idea of being self-sufficient while living an environmentally friendly life closer to nature, now that sounds more like it!!

Obviously a major drive behind this plan is to travel the world. Buy a boat on the opposite side of the globe to sail back home. Travel exposes you to so many things you don’t have to encounter in everyday life. It can make you uncomfortable, confident, scared and happy all at the same time. You learn so much about yourself and can take time to appreciate the things you take for granted back home. We want to take ourselves out of our bubble of “first world problems” and find a simpler and more sustainable life.

The first obstacle. Money. Holy moly. Talk about an expensive hobby. Unfortunately, as romantic as the whole idea sounds, it costs a pretty penny to fly across the world to purchase a boat. Thus began the savings chart. Second obstacle being our sailing knowledge was virtually non-existent – potentially a larger issue than the money. But hey, at least we had spirit! After loading the kindle up with sailing and meteorology books and watching what seems like 100,000,000,000 youtube videos we are now by definition highly experienced couch sailors. Throw in a basics dinghy course and our successful competent crew passage and these salty pirates are ready to conquer the seven seas!


Trying to work and save, while also trying to gain more sailing experience is a hard act to juggle. I think this is why they say the cruising life is reserved for the rich or retired! Luckily we live in such an amazing place and it makes all the work and waiting that little bit easier. We have plenty more to learn and I guess that is all part of the experience and also half the fun. For me, I love having a place to write down my thoughts and I have a hunch these particular ones are something I will want to remember. This will be my recollection of our journey towards an adventure that at times seems impossible or at others, just plain unhinged.

Until next time.



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