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How to Save Money for the Dream


Money. Ugh.

The necessary evil. I’m not saying you need a lot of it to be happy, but it does make living comfortably in the 21st century a hell of a lot easier. Want to save money for that next holiday, that house deposit or if you are as silly as us, a yacht? All the same principles apply but depending on your situation it can seem like a long and frustrating journey. Nothing seems to be cheap anymore either, or is that just me?

With long term saving you need to find a balance. It’s all about the journey right?

So you need to find a balance between a little bit of sacrifice while still having a good time along the way.

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We are needing to save a pretty large lump sum of money for our particular dream. After a year of hard work we are still on track but still, it can be hard to stay motivated. Most people don’t have money just pouring into their bank account so saving can be a bit of a process. These are things that have and are still helping us now. Some of them seem really simple but remember, saving money doesn’t always have to be a completely sacrificial and miserable time.


Be Realistic

Be motivated, set goals but don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Do your research, make some spreadsheets and calculate REALISTICALLY how much money you can save. From here, you can set goals that are totally achievable for you and you will know what to expect. We found setting a monthly saving goal was a good increment.

It gives you a bit of wiggle room.

Some weeks you might go a little off track but it allows you to make up for it before the month ends. If you stay realistic, it won’t feel like such a burden or sacrifice and any extra savings become a bonus!


See What You Save

I get too excited at the thought of making a savings chart. Anything crafty and you have my attention. This aside, having something visual where you can see your saving progress helps to keep motivation high, especially if it reminds you of your end goal every time you look at it. You also get the satisfaction of colouring in or checking off a goal as you reach it. We get excited each time we colour in a rung on our chart (it basically becomes an event) because we know we are getting that little bit closer to the end goal. Having our chart sitting where we can see it everyday means there is no escaping but it also reminds you what you are working towards.

Saving money can still be a little fun, so get some cardboard and coloured pencils and get creative!

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Have it ALL on Paper

As I said above you want to be realistic and writing things down really puts things into perspective. Create a document that lists everything you spend money on, in a week and then over a month. This needs to include everything – from weekly groceries, phone bills and electricity to the weekend brunches and evening beverages you treat yourself to. This alone can be a shock.

It is pretty amazing how quickly you can spend your fortnightly pay on coffee, alcohol and some fancy smashed avo.

Once you have the figures there is no way around it. This is what you earn, this is what you spend, therefore this is what you can save. It is then up to you to decide what spendings you can do without or at least cut back on. If you want to save money, you can’t go in blind. Know your budget and your limits and make it work for you.

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To Sacrifice or Not?

Save money for the dream… Well how important is this dream to you? Take a close look at what you could call “unnecessary spendings” and decide how important they are to you. Coffee everyday, wine most nights a week, new season clothes. Trust me, you will survive without all of these (even the coffee I promise). You could even be looking at an extra few hundred dollars a month just by cutting back on a couple of things.

Minimalist lifestyle is all the rage at the moment, so why not give it a go?

If I have the urge to buy new clothes or homewares or whatever fabulous advertising has popped up in front of me, I wait at least a day. Nine times out of ten the urge will have passed and I carry on living as happily as ever even without said purchase. Why don’t you actually treat yo self but leave it as an actual treat, maybe once a month. Only you can determine what sacrifices you are willing to make. Try going without the treats for a while though, and maybe the extra money you save will be incentive to keep going.


 Save on Food

Learn to cook! It really isn’t difficult and with a few simple recipes you can still eat delicious food right at home and save some $$$. Just one $30 brunch each week can add up to nearly $1500 a year. Have a rough meal plan before you go grocery shopping to stop you grabbing unnecessary items. We try to do a bulk shop once a week, but leave room in the budget to grab a couple of extras as we need them. You just have to find what works for you. I know fast food may seem like a cheap option, but it always works out less expensive to make your own at home.

Saving money can still be just as tasty.

Your favourite takeaways can be whipped up, quick and easy and even leave you with delicious leftovers for lunch the next day. As well as this, it is usually better for you, so your health might even thank you for it.

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Use a Savings Account

Since you have made it this far and now have a little stash squirrelled away.

Put it somewhere useful!

Start a decent savings account that you don’t touch. This account is only for your savings that you transfer into every week, fortnight or month. Not only can you take advantage of any good interest rates but having the money you save in a completely separate account makes it less likely that you will touch it.

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What About the Fun?

Well this all depends on what you enjoy doing. In this day and age the internet means we have such easy access to entertainment and so many different resources.

The aim is to find free or very low cost activities so saving doesn’t seem all doom and gloom.

If you like going to the movies, why not rent one online for a fraction of the price and have a movie night at home? Instead of going out for brunch, invite friends over and make a delicious feast or head out for a picnic. It may only seem like a little bit of money but every bit you save counts and will add up! Go to the beach, read a book, hike a mountain, paint or draw, play a sport, start a blog, plan the holiday you are saving for.. There are plenty of options! Maybe even things you didn’t know you enjoyed!

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In theory it all seems straightforward but it can be quite an adjustment. If you know you are working towards something amazing though, it will make it a hell of a lot easier.

So go ahead and get started, create your spreadsheet, make your savings chart and start saving money for the dream.

Go without your daily coffee or chocolate, find pleasure in some simpler things and you might even find a more rewarding way of life.


Until next time.



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