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Hiking in Switzerland | A Breathtaking Climb of the Schilthorn

This hike in Switzerland really was awesome to say the least. We were staying at Jungfrau Holiday Park in Lauterbrunnen and decided we should climb the Schilthorn. The Schilthorn is a peak in the Jungfrau region and is just short of 3000m. It isn’t the tallest peak in the region but was going to offer awesome views and once we got the top we could catch a cable car down to save our knees. What was even better is that we could begin hiking right from our van so didn’t have to drive anywhere.

hiking - switzerland - travel - adventures - blog - mountains - alps


We had beautiful October weather for our day hike and were ready to set off. To say the Lauterbrunnen valley is gorgeous is an understatement. The beginning of our hike had us walking the length of the valley to Stechelberg (about 1 hour) so we could catch a cable car to Murren on the ridge. The valley is full of green, grassy fields home to many fluffy alpine cows and picturesque wooden cottages.

It is like a Swiss dream.


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As you keep heading up, it just gets better and better. There are literally greener pastures and you are surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Clear blue skies, crisp white covered mountains and vibrant green meadows makes for a hell of a view.

Switzerland is simply breathtaking.

hiking - switzerland - travel - adventures - blog - mountains - alps


As we hiked up the ski trails we eventually reached a hut that would normally be open for hot food and drinks. We had our packed snacks at a table outside with a pretty incredible view.

Tuna on crackers tastes 10000 times better up here.


It can be hard to believe there is still room for more climbing when you reach views like this. We felt pretty high up just after hiking to the hut but we couldn’t see the Schilthorn just yet! As we continued on, we passed a simply stunning alpine lake and eventually reached a rugged and snow covered valley. Naturally we took a moment to make some snowballs and enjoy this wonderland we don’t see at home.

hiking - switzerland - travel - adventures - blog - mountains - alps


At this stage we were hiking among the clouds.

You really start to feel like you are top of the World once you are high enough for this.

It also takes these already amazing views of Switzerland to the next level of beautiful.


hiking - switzerland - travel - adventures - blog - mountains - alps


This is where things started to get a little sketchy…

We started to climb up the snow and ice covered rocks. It was so lucky we had hiking poles as the ground was almost too slippery to manage.

Oh my goodness we were so close!!


It was then we realised how we were getting to the summit. There was a narrow ridge ascending towards to top. I’m not scared of heights as such but the slippery surface really kicks things up a notch. The ridge was about a metre wide with a pretty long fall off either side. There was a chain rail to hold onto as you carefully made your way towards the top.

Keep your eyes on the Schilthorn and don’t look down!


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They actually filmed a James Bond movie on the Schilthorn so the summit is home to a restaurant and display about the agent. We felt like real explorers hiking our way up to the viewing platform where tourists were taking selfies. As it is a tourist destination, majority had paid a pretty penny to take the cable car to the top.

There were a select few of us however (who looked a little scrappy and just generally dirty) that had battled the elements and a good 1300m of height to reach the summit.


hiking - switzerland - travel - adventures - blog - mountains - alps


So after looking back down at the ridge we had just hiked over and enjoying a well earned beverage, we hopped into the cable car back to Murren. Pretty satisfied with our adventure we strolled back through Lauterbrunnen valley to our little van.


hiking - switzerland - travel - adventures - blog - mountains - alps


I tell you what, there is a reason this was one of our favourite hikes. With the weather as it is in October, hiking the Schilthorn literally had everything we could have asked for.

Beautiful alpine meadows and pastures, snow capped mountains, walking among the clouds and to top it off a slightly risky yet exhilarating path to the summit!


hiking - switzerland - travel - adventures - blog - mountains - alps


We found the ascent very manageable but it was at the end of a months hiking trip for us so we were in relatively good shape. I am pretty sure it is classified as a difficult hike but so totally worth it.

Time taken for Lauterbrunnen to Schilthorn summit round trip: 5 hours

Elevation gain from Murren: 1332m


Hiking up the Schilthorn from our home base in Lauterbrunnen was magical to say the least.

If you are ever in the valley challenge yourself to this amazing experience, it is awesome to see how far your body can take you! This is just one recollection from our hiking adventures in Switzerland but it was certainly one to remember.


Until next time.


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