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We Finally Bought a Sailboat!! | The Adventure Begins

HOLY MOLY!! It’s happened!! This is not a drill. It’s not a dream… we ACTUALLY own our very own yacht!

Guys……… we finally bought a sailboat!!!!

sailboat - yacht - new boat - sailing - adventure - blog

I think if I had blinked I would have missed the whole thing!

We found a boat we liked… checked it out…. handed over some (or a lot?) of money… then BAM! We are now two crazy kids with a floating adventure vessel and are only freaking out a little bit that it is all becoming a reality.

sailboat - yacht- sailing - adventures - travel - blog - new boat

There have been a few yachts we checked out before we found the one…. Some were just down the road and one took us all the way to Fiji!

That was an inexperience in itself!

Some of the boats were way out of our price range, some weren’t in the best condition and some just didn’t feel quite right… We were beginning to wonder if we were being too picky in our search. But then, this 1988 Fraser 41 caught our eye and seemed to fit most of our hard-to-please criteria!

She is 41 feet long, Canadian built, sturdy, very sea-worthy and also has seemingly good sail performance.

Where do we sign??!!

And, most importantly she is a beautiful old gal.

sailboat - yacht - new boat - adventures - travel - fraser 41 - sailing
sailboat - yacht - sailing - adventures - travel - blogs - new boat

Not wasting any time, we dove straight in… Offers, contracts, inspection, survey, sea-trial and not long later, a purchase!

She’s OURS!!!

We can finally tear up that savings chart that has been taunting us for the last 2 years!

sailboat - yacht - sailing - haul out - adventures - new boat
sailboat - yacht - sailing - fraser 41 - adventures - blog
sailboat - yacht - sailing - adventures - travel - new boat
sailboat - yacht - sailing - adventures - travel - new boat

I am sure a lot of people will be glad to hear we have finally bought a sailboat and can now stop talking about it!

We are so ready for this new chapter and even though we have learnt a lot from the journey so far, this is certainly just the beginning. We are now diving head first into a World of diesel engines, marine electrical systems, gas plumbing and general boating life. All while navigating the big blue highway without getting ourselves into trouble!

Buckle up! It’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

sailboat - haul out - yacht - sailing - adventures - travel
sailboat - new boat - we bought a sailboat - sailing - yacht - adventures
sailboat - yacht - sailing - adventures - travel - new boat

Right now I am sitting in our Sunshine Coast apartment dreaming of our new baby bobbing away on her mooring. It still seems so surreal that she belongs to us!!! It also seems like forever since we thought of this crazy idea and now we are counting down the days until we can move onboard!

sailboat - yacht - sailing - adventures - new boat - travel - blog
sailboat - yacht - sailing - adventures - travel - blog

Even though she is in great condition, we have a bit of work (and a steep learning curve) ahead of us. We have also started making our cruising plans for the season but can’t give away too much just yet 😉

Stay tuned for updates and plenty of boat work and let’s see how long we can make this adventure last!

Until next time.


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