Who Let the Pirates Out?! | Northbound 2.0

Can you smell it?? The oh so sweet smell of freedom with just a hint of no marina fees. Ahhhh. Breathe it in baby because we are on our way!

Voyage 2.0 begins.

After loading Nimbi up to the brim with provisions we were off. Finally!

It was time for this motley crew to take to the seas for a second year.

The weather was awful but it didn’t matter. Our new bottom paint had us scooting along at high speed for Great Keppel Island. Turns out we are a fast boat now… can’t complain about that.

After a couple of rainy days the sun eventually poked it’s head out giving just enough time for us to duck out and catch lunch.

Oh fresh fish, how we have missed you!!

We were anchored in an area known for squid but hadn’t had much luck so far. The captain decided to head out and give it another crack and this is how he returned….

Poor Poly’s first day out on the job and this is how he is treated.

Welcome to crew buddy… An admirable performance nonetheless and he seems to be a beast of an expedition tender. Also, the salt and pepper squid he helped provide went down a treat!

The following day was supposed to bring sweet south west winds to help us cruise on north and really put everything to the test again. Our final night gave us a cracker sunset and just like that we were getting everything ready to go.

Up before dawn in a brisk 9 degrees we were soon on our way 46 nautical miles up the coast to Pearl Bay. Being the first passage we were both a little anxious but the weather really turned it on for us. Sun shining, calm seas and we were cruising along averaging 6 to 7 knots.

Let’s all just take another moment to appreciate the benefits of a clean bum!

After those gloomy days at Keppel, this was like heaven.

We had heard a lot about Pearl Bay and how it was one of the prettiest anchorages on this part of the coast. We didn’t have the right weather to visit last time so were keen to check it out and wondered if it would live up to expectations. The bay itself is a pretty protected anchorage with a super long beach surrounded by wooded hills.

The islands out the front though, now they’re the real deal.

Crystal blue water onto rocky shores with thick forest right on top of it all. Seriously gorgeous! So many little nooks and crannies to explore plus there were blow holes putting on a show when the bigger swell rolled in.

Even though it was beautiful, the fish were making us work pretty hard. It took a while but Nathan finally hooked Mr Codly and we had ourselves a little Mexican fiesta for lunch. Fajita cod, guac, tomato salsa and tortilla chips. Delish!

And then it was time. The much anticipated return to Island Head Creek.

A couple of hours after leaving Pearl Bay, we were anchored off the same sandbar as last time, right at home. Oh the pressure. We had all the gear, armed with spear, crab pot, rods, cast net, knives and our new dinghy….

This guy looks like he knows what he’s doing right?

We had amazing weather on our first day so took a little trip out to the front. This is still my favourite part. Entrance Island.

It is just MAGIC.

I can’t believe somewhere like this exists at the entrance to a mangrove creek. A beach to play on, rocks to climb, clear water and birds singing in the trees. What more do you want??

I spent the morning in a blissful daze taking it all in, just wandering around listening to the birds. Perfection.

Well, so far Island Head is just as beautiful as we remember but will it provide the goods? We have all the gear but do we have any idea? Will this motley crew feast on fish and crab like last time? I hope so because I’m getting hungry but I guess only time will tell…

Until next time.



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