Duelling Mud Crabs & A Reefie Rumble | Island Head Creek Round 2

So we last left our intrepid explorers on a sand bar in Island Head Creek looking a little bit too relaxed. Has anyone caught lunch yet??

Last time we were here, we were a little worried about crocodiles… This time. We were prepared. With spear in hand and knives on hip it was time to explore the mangroves.

Crocodile Dundee eat your heart out.

Croc hunt aside, Nathan was also keen to try out the new cast net to get some bait for the big fishing hole up the creek.

Let the hunting and gathering begin.

After a decent haul of mullet we were wandering back towards the boat when something caught the captain’s eye.

There was something lurking in the water. And this, this was no croc. Could it be… another infamous Island Head mud crab?

The arena fell silent.

He was not prepared for such an encounter with only cast net and knife in hand. Working with all he had and a very special set of skills, the battle began. In a picture of grace he tossed the net over the water perfectly encircling his target.

Everyone held their breath.

Slowly but surely he drew the net into the shore. Has he really done it?? Will this be a tale told over generations?

Cheers erupted from the crowd.

A battle to the death, but our hero did not falter. Cast net slung over the shoulder, crab in hand. Just another day in the office.

Go in for bait, came out with a crab. Not a bad morning.

Once you have yourself a crab like this, there are certain things that should follow. A crab caesar salad was in order. First of all, cook crab.


Second, find a banger of a sunset to enjoy.


Then get some crispy lettuce, buttery croutons, fake bacon bits and a cracker of a dressing. Throw it all together, add your crab and a dusting of parmesan and thank me later.

It was time to put our bucket full of bait to good use and see what was in the depths of this place. Plus I got my own fishing rod at Christmas and still hadn’t really tested it out. We found the spot and had Poly anchored in nearly 30 metres of water.

Oh the anticipation!

Lunch wasn’t too far away and reef fish was on the menu. My line was soon christened with a good sized grunter and Nathan brought a sweet lip to the table.

A bit of panko crumb (can’t beat a classic), kale slaw and garlic bread. Nothing wrong with that! Also, how did I not notice Nathan was eating with his dive knife??

We spent more time wandering the sand bars and the mangroves because they are just so darn pretty and you really don’t know what you might find. Don’t worry though, no crocs to be seen. Unfortunately no more crabs either. 

Just like last year we had the place to ourselves. Crazy! 

Of course we visiting the fishing hole again and once again it didn’t disappoint. A grunter, sweet and snapper and then a trevally on the way back to the big boat. The captain might have started to lose it a bit by then.

Obviously we had some good stuff to work with for dinner but I wasn’t thinking of fish and chips. Some people would have our heads for doing this to beautiful fresh reefies but you can’t eat it plain all the time! I made a smokey reef fish crumble and wacked it on a pizza.

I have no regrets and make no apology. It was amazing.

We didn’t stay as long as last time but Island Head still came through with the goods. Lots of fish, lots of sunsets and lots of exploring. I’m worn out again just talking about it.

Time to find an island with a sandy beach to relax!

Until next time.


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