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How to Date a Surfer

Dating a surfer … It has been a few years and I feel I am now highly experienced in this field. Sure, it was steep learning curve for someone who had zero knowledge on surf, but I think I am now well and truly educated on the sport.

I know surfing may seem like it is supposed to be fun but let me assure you there are many times where surfers become very serious and intense about the activity.

How to date a surfer: This is a little list of tips and things to get used to if the special someone in your life frequents the waves.

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Get used to. Learn to love it. Unfortunately it is something that a surfer, or any real beach goer cannot avoid.. So if you are dating a surfer there is no escape. The stuff sticks to everything. Just when you think you have gotten rid of it all, you feel those little grains sprinkling all over your feet as you pick up the 100th pair of boardshorts off the ground. 


Did you see my (insert any turn/manoeuvre/barrel here)??!!”

The correct answer is, and always will be… yes! Say it with enthusiasm. Say it with a smile. Surfing will most likely be a huge love of theirs and this turn/manoeuvre/barrel will be a big deal no matter how many times it happens. If you are dating a surfer they love you to watch and they want you to see every move. However, unless there are pretty continuous sets rolling through, you are bound to lose interest or get distracted by something else on the beach. My attention span always seems to end just as something exciting happens. Even if I have the camera, getting the shot means there is extra pressure but my attention span only seems to get shorter.



I find blocks of wax and wax combs stashed all around the house. I guess you never know when you might need it?…. It is like every time they are about to leave for a surf it is is all too exciting and things get scattered everywhere on their way out. The only good thing about wax is the smell. I guess you can also follow the wax trail like breadcrumbs all the way out the door.



A surfer will ALWAYS want slash need another one. It is just unfortunate that they are pricey pieces of equipment. We have a nice rack sitting out the back of our place storing a board for literally any occasion. I understand the need, I just wish they were a little smaller. On the bright side, if you are dating a surfer and you ever want to learn the sport, you will surely have something suitable to use.


Learn the lingo

It really is another language. Cutback, hang ten, barrel, lip-smack, cover-ups, pitted, off-shore, duck-dive, glass-off, floaters, shories, A-frames, and the list goes on and on. If you want to be involved in one of their favourite activities you have to understand what they are talking about. Sure, you will feel like a fool at first but how can you give them their hard earned compliments if you don’t know what they are talking about? 


If the surf is pumping, other things will have to wait

For a surfer, there seems to be this constant fear of missing out. I guess it is great to be so passionate about something. The only thing is, if the waves are firing, there is this unspoken rule that everything else can wait until later. All I am saying, is don’t plan anything important unless you have checked the weather first.



If you didn’t know anything about wind direction and swell before. Wow. You are in for a treat. These parameters must be checked on the hour every hour just in case something changes, in which case you drop everything and run to the beach. Every single morning surfers must check the surf report and analyse the conditions for the day. You must also take into consideration the forecast so you don’t wear yourself out if better swell is coming. Honestly, it all sounds exhausting but always having an eye out means you experience some pretty special beach days.


Give it a try at least once

If you are taking the time to date a surfer, see what all the fuss it about. Sharing time in the ocean is amazing but this surfing business is definitely easier said then done. I love the ocean and being in it (read a bit more about that journey) but surfing is a completely different story. It is so damn hard! I give it a go occasionally but for now bodysurfing and boogie boarding are as far as my talents will take me.


Despite all these things, a surfing/beach lifestyle is a pretty amazing thing to have. I think I am lucky because I really do love being at the beach. Even when I am not out there myself I still enjoy watching. Surf trips can also take you to some unbelievable destinations that wouldn’t normally think to visit! So give it a go, dive right in, and if you can put up with a little sand in the bed and a surf board shop in the garage, you’re in for some wicked adventures.

Until next time.




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