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Why We Want to Live on a Yacht | Reasons to Live on a Sailboat

It is so funny to watch the different reactions when we tell people about our plans of living on a yacht and cruising. On the most part, we see faces screwed into this painful expression as they ask

“WHY???” Why would we do this to ourselves??


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By no means are we living in a fantasy and ignoring the realities of the lifestyle. We know it is very hard work and will cost A LOT of money but the rewards seem too amazing to scare us off. A lot of time has passed and we are still as motivated as ever so here are the main reasons we want to live on a yacht.


1. A Tiny Home

We have never lived in large spaces. Our first apartment was probably the size of a 40ft yacht! We have never felt we needed it and our backyard has always been the beach, which we love. If we lived on a yacht it wouldn’t be much of an adjustment plus we don’t need or have that much stuff to fill it anyway.

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2. Your Yacht = Home and Transport

We love the idea of a tiny home and we love the idea it can take us anywhere even more. The idea of being able to travel and have everything with you is the dream! Having your tiny home to come back to after days of exploring = absolute perfection. Living on a yacht means you won’t get to your destination very fast, but it will be a hell of a journey wherever you go.

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3. We Like Being Dirty

Grotty yachties as the name suggests just have this unspoken allowance to be filthy. It is the perfect excuse to keep using your ocean swims as a shower. Of course there will be special occasions, but living on a yacht means you can be smelly and people will think it’s ok!

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4. Hard Work

It is no secret that boats involve A LOT of maintenance, all the time. We are very aware of this and well… challenge accepted! It will definitely be a steep learning curve as we are no where near being diesel mechanics or electricians. We love that there will always be something to do and work on. I guess living on a yacht can’t always be all coconuts and tropical islands.

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5. Living in Nature

It is so easy in this day and age to separate yourself from nature and the outdoors. If your home floats in the middle of the ocean, you have no choice but to be involved. We want to be self sufficient and visit places hardly seen by hardly anyone. We want to be explorers and a yacht just seems like the perfect way to do this!



6. Life of Extremes

From what we have heard and read, a major part of cruising are the extreme highs and lows. One day can feel like the worst day of your life and next can feel like a dream. It can be a challenge but I think this is the part that makes it so addictive. We are hoping to escape that ground hog day feeling and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

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7. Freedom (well mostly)!

Aside from the weather being your master (or whatever has broken on the boat that particular day), you can roam as you please. You quite literally can have the wind in your sails as you take off on another adventure. Living on a yacht and cruising attracts a certain type of people and I think we fit the bill.

A yearning for adventure, not afraid of hard work and just a little bit nuts.

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Now of course I write this as an expert couch sailor but we think we have a pretty good idea of what it will be like. We don’t see many sides of living on a yacht that we don’t think we would enjoy. Only time will tell I suppose and the countdown continues until we have a floating home of our own.

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Until next time.


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  • Keith Rogers

    I’m very jealous Kate. I’m sitting here looking at a photo of my own boat that I lived on for 3 years and I know that you are going to have an absolutely amazing time.
    If your partner is anything like you, wow, look out world, two amazing people.
    Thanks for giving me this website address and I look forward to following your adventures.
    Congratulations and “Fair winds and following seas”
    PS. Don’t spend too much time down south as blue doesn’t go too well with maroon.
    Cheers guys

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