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Top 5 Sailing Youtube Channels

As we sit and dream of the day we leave the dock, we have a few youtube sailing channels that keep us entertained. There are so many sailing channels out there. Lots of people doing all sorts of things, on all sorts of boats, all around the world. It can be hard to narrow it down. We have our favourites that we love to follow and keep us motivated while on our savings journey. These are my top 5 favs that are worth a watch even if you aren’t a sailor. They are the perfect reminder that our dream of a self-sufficient life on the water is totally within reach.

1. SV Delos

These guys are the real deal. Ultimate yacht, ultimate crew, ultimate adventures. They were one of the original sailing channels on youtube. As they circumnavigate the world on their magnificent Amel 53t ketch, they visit places that most cruisers don’t, setting them apart from the masses. Having been on this adventure for many years now, their experience and love of the cruising life really shines through. Brian, Brady and Karin have an amazing thing going with awesome sailing, diving and travel footage to keep you well and truly entertained. 

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2. Free Range Sailing

Troy and Pascale are completely different to any of the other youtube sailing channels we follow. They are still relatively new on the scene but we love watching them explore more of our own country. Fishing and cruising their way around remote Australia on their 30ft monohull, their channel has the perfect mix of adventure and education. Their videos just keep getting better and better and to be honest we have learnt a lot from them. Think self-sufficient travel, living off the land, many wildlife encounters while throwing in some true blue Aussie spirit

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RAN Sailing

Johan and Malin are a Swedish couple seeking adventure on their 40ft yacht. They started their sailing journey in the icy cold waters of Sweden and have since made it to the Pacific Ocean. On their youtube channel they are a laid back, easy to watch couple with a love of nature and a simpler way of life. Watch them explore beautiful islands, mountains, lagoons and beaches as they make their way west around the world. Beautiful couple on a beautiful boat with professionally edited videos, what more can you ask for?

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Sailing La Vagabonde (SLV)

The young Aussie couple, Riley and Elayna on La Vagabonde were the first youtube sailing channel we really started watching. Even though we were always set on the idea of buying a boat, it was these guys that put the idea of sailing in our heads. Young and free, the pair started on a 44ft monohull in the Mediterranean and sailed down to New Zealand. Not long ago they began their voyage again in the Med, but this time on a stunning Outremer catamaran they now call home. SLV continue to bring out superbly edited videos that remind us of the many beautiful places we are yet to explore.

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Sailing Catalpa

This young Aussie family conquered the Queensland coast before setting their sights on Indonesia. Lee and Sara with their children Taj and Bella are wanting to travel the world in their floating home and their videos will keep you smiling along the way. Sailing, fishing, surfing and diving while giving their kids an education at sea. Seems like a pretty sweet deal to me! Sailing Catalpa show you all sides the cruising life on their youtube channel. They show you how it can be possible for everyone, even a family. We can’t wait to follow more of their adventures through Indonesia and beyond!

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Well if all of these sailing channels don’t make you want to join us on our boat I don’t know what will! Youtube is such as amazing thing, for entertainment as well as education. We love to share these channels with our friends and family so they can understand what we are working so hard towards! They help to keep us inspired and hopefully in the near future we will be joining these salty sailors in the blue yonder!

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